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Updated Jan. 31, 2018

Sept. 22, 2017 • Diabetic Amputation Rates Soar in California, Nationally
–No clear cause, but experts suggest numerous possibilities

Sept. 2, 2017 • Some Physicians Switch Patients Off Invokana after FDA Warning
–Doubled risk of amputations appears to be affecting usage

Sept. 2, 2017 • Some Physicians Switch Patients Off Invokana after FDA Warning
–Doubled risk of amputations appears to be affecting usage

August 17, 2017 •
Most Hospices Fare Well in Newly Released CMS Quality Data
–So well, in fact, that consumers may not find the data much help

August 4, 2017 •
Rocky Road Ahead for California Single Payer Proposal
–Too ambitious for one state to manage on its own?

July 14, 2017 • Medicare Ups Provider Incentive for Prediabetes Intervention
–Will pay up to $810 for 3-year program, with strict rules to prevent fraud

June 27, 2017 • Secy. Price: HHS Won’t Dictate to Docs
Promises flexibility in pushing value-based payment; fee-for-service may remain for some situations

June 26, 2017 • At Long Last, Medicare Mounts Push for Diabetes Prevention
Paying $450 to providers when a patient loses 9% of body weight and attends classes

June 26, 2017 • Committee Wants Diabetes Docs to Watch Their Language
Not the word police, but ‘diabetic’ and ‘non-compliant’ must go

May 22, 2017 • More Psychiatrists Want to Revisit Goldwater Rule
Some argue it gags their free-speech rights, puts country at risk

May 11, 2017 • State Legislatures Wade into MOC Debate —
Bills passed or filed in 17 states to limit certification demands

April 26, 2017 • Physician Survey: $91K Pay Gap for Women Docs
Dinged for spending more time with patients?

April 4, 2017 • Fear and Loathing on the MACRA Trail
Congress guesses that recordkeeping effort will improve patient care

April 4 • ACP, ABIM in Talks to Lessen MOC Burden
ACP’s self-assessment tool MKSAP could become exam alternative

March 16, 2017 • What Does it Mean that Half of California Kids Are on Medicaid?
Not that much, it turns out — the national average is 46%

Feb. 28, 2017 • Ex-CMS Chief Berwick ‘Angry’ at Threats to Gut ACA
Quality initiatives at risk

Dec. 18, 2016 • Docs Divided on Trump’s HHS Pick
Nominee Tom Price, MD, medicine’s ‘favorite’ son?

Nov. 11, 2016 • Keeping Chemo Patients Away From Hospitals
Is ‘Come Home’ ready for prime time?

Nov. 11, 2016 • Keeping Chemo Patients Away From Hospitals
Is ‘Come Home’ ready for prime time?

Nov. 11, 2016 • The $160 a Month Cancer Management Solution
CMS launches novel payment model for oncology services

Nov. 11, 2016 • Cancer Management Without the Hospital: A Patient’s Story
Phone consult and next-day office visit keeps her out of the ER

Nov. 2, 2016 • Tennessee Docs Sue CMS Over Medicaid Pay Denial
Accuse CMS of ‘bait and switch’

Sept. 22, 2016 • Hospital’s Video Sting Comes Up Empty
Calif. medical board drops charges of drug theft

Sept. 22, 2016 • The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ of Low Cancer Surgery Volumes
Experts call for more transparency for referrals

July 28, 2016 • Safety Net, Teaching Hospitals Call CMS Star Ratings Unfair
Argue scores don’t account for factors they can’t control

July 22, 2016 • Homegrown Ratings Systems: Quality or Charisma?
Hospitals get into the doc rating game, but does that level the playing field?

July 13, 2016 • Medicaid Boom Turns to Bust for Tennessee Docs
Lack of certification triggers payback requirement

June 16, 2016 • AMA Pans ‘High Stakes’ Exams
Backs more money for GME, but is silent on source of funds

June 15, 2016 • AMA: Measure Burnout to Assess ACOs
Earlier self-administered drug refills, study of single payer also approved

June 14, 2016 • GI Group Dials Up Savings Pinging Patients’ Phones
Claims’ data pointed the way

June 13, 2016 • Medicaid Expansion Panned by AMA Council
Low doctor payment blocking access

June 12, 2016 • AMA Seeks to Soothe MACRA Mania
— Fear and loathing greets MACRA

June 12, 2016 • Privacy Concern Delays Posting of Patient Critiques of Docs
Yelp-like plan yields ‘Yikes’ response

May 29, 2016 • Secret OR Cameras: Not Such a Great Idea
Video surveillance may catch other activities that return to haunt

May 19, 2016 • Hospital in Secret Video Drama Offers Apology
But only for sending clips to lawyer, not for creating them

May 11, 2016 • Slavitt Admits Gov’t Failed in Health IT Push
But insists problems can and will be fixed

May 9, 2016 • No Easy Fix for Healthcare Data Problems
Burwell, Biden recount personal frustrations

May 5, 2016 • Does Patient Privacy Trump Hospital Security?
A San Diego Hospital’s hidden cameras may have captured too much information

April 21, 2016 • CMS Postpones Hospital Star Ratings
July is new release date

March 8, 2016 • Medicare Pay Equity: How GPCI Kings and Queens Snared a Win
Rural pay rates don’t go far in the not so big city

Feb. 17, 2016 • Colonoscopy Complications Occur at a Surprisingly High Rate

Jan. 10, 2016 • Concierge Medicine: Better Patient Access, But …
Effects on care quality less certain

Jan. 9, 2016 • Primary Care Practice: Bonus Days Are Over
10% pay cut marks new year

Dec. 9, 2015 • Is Surgery a Risk Factor for Cognitive Dysfunction?
Anesthesiologist Kirk Hogan thinks it’s time to warn patients

Dec. 9, 2015 • Surgeons Question Surgery’s Impact on Brain
Surgeons see a more tentative link

Nov. 28, 2015 • Are Masks a Good Alternative Flu Shots for Healthcare Workers?
At some hospitals, it’s vaccinate or be fired

Sept. 8, 2015 • For-Profit Companies Seek, and Get, Medicare ‘Wellness’ $$
Life Line service draws special ire from physicians

Sept. 3, 2015 • Primary Care: Medicare’s ‘Wellness Visit’ Money Goes Unclaimed

Aug 17, 2015 • Lung Resection: Failure to Rescue May Be Culprit at High-Mortality Hospitals

Aug 13, 2015 • Joint Commission Releases Fall Prevention Toolbox — Sort Of
— Holds press conference but won’t let press see new tools

Aug 6, 2015 • Aging Docs: Contractor Offers Turnkey Assessment; PAPA may have the answer

July 30, 2015 • Out to Pasture: Age-Based Personnel Policies Rankle With Docs — But some health systems like hard age cutoffs as a ‘bright line’

June 29, 2015 • Aging Doctors: Time for Mandatory Competency Testing?

June 15, 2015 • Medicare’s New CCM Code: Extra Money or Extra Pain?

June 15, 2015 • Chronic Care Management: What Is this?