HealthLeaders 2010

HealthLeaders Media Stories – 2010


~ Dec. 30 • $3 Million Prize Offered to Solve Hospital Admissions Puzzle


Dec. 29 • CA Reports Preventable Hospitalizations


Dec. 29  • EHR Effectiveness for Hospital Care Questioned


Dec, 27 •  OIG Targets FL Providers for Medicare Abuses


Dec. 27 • 12 Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmissions


Dec. 23 • Physicians, Nurses Continue Primary Care Debate


Dec. 23 • Seniors Account for 1 in 3 Hospital Stays


Dec. 22 • Drug Firm to Pay Feds $280 Million to Settle Pricing Claims


Dec. 21 • Feds Propose Review of Health Insurance Rate Hikes


Dec. 20 • Tenet Fires Back at Community Health


Dec. 20 • Meaningful Use Tops Healthcare Industry Challenges for 2011


Dec. 20 • Tenet Fires Back at Community Health


Dec. 20 • Food Poisoning Strikes 1 in 6 Americans Yearly


Dec. 17 • Feds Seek Anti-Fraud Technologies to Nab Medicare Cheats


Dec. 17 • OIG: Investigations Recovered $26B in FY2010


Dec. 16 • 1 in 10 EDs Boarding Psych Patients for ‘One Week or More’


~ Dec. 16 • Readmissions Reduction Effort at Kaiser Involves Cameras


Dec. 16 • Obama Signs ‘Doc Fix’ Bill


Dec. 16 • CDPH Reports ‘Big’ Data Security Breach


Dec. 15 • 6 Health Systems Team with Dartmouth to Study Quality, Costs


Dec. 14 • PacifiCare Blocked from Paying $120 Million in Dividends


Dec. 13 • Federal Judge Strikes Down Key Healthcare Law Provision


~ Dec. 9 • IHI Forum Reflections: 10 ‘Aha’ Moments


Dec. 8 • Sebelius Urges IHI Attendees to Work Harder Toward Quality


Dec. 7 • Imaging Self-Referrals Don’t Reduce Sick Days, Costs


Dec. 6 • EDs Lacking in Palliative Care, Report Says


Dec. 2 • 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better – 2010


Dec. 2 • Santiago Horgan: Surgeon as Game-Changer


Dec. 2 • Peter Pronovost: Slashing Infection Rates


Dec. 2 • Joseph Smith: Forging Healthcare’s Wireless Way Forward


~ Dec. 2 • What Disney Can Teach Hospitals About Patient-Centered Care


Dec. 2 • Hospital Admissions, ED Visits for Dog Bites Surge


Dec. 1 • Top 10 Healthcare Technology Hazards for 2011


Nov. 30 • CA Slaps Health Plans for Delaying Payments


Nov. 29 • House Vote Delays SGR Cuts


Nov. 24 • Pediatric Medical Errors Most Likely in Gynecologic, GI Surgeries


Nov. 22 • CA Health Records Breaches Net $800,000 in Fines


Nov. 19 • Senate Delays SGR Cuts One Month


Nov. 19 • North Country Health in MN to Join Sanford Health


Nov. 19 • Soaring ED Visits Cause Hospital Overcrowding


~ Nov. 18 • End-of-Life Care is Often Futile, Costly


Nov. 18 • Joint Commission Issues Suicide Alert for ED, Med/Surg


Nov. 18 • 3 Tips for Prescribing Antibiotics, CDC Offers


Nov. 17 • Aggressive Care for Dying Cancer Patients Futile, Study Finds


Nov. 17 • High-Dose Radiation Imaging Guidelines Inadequate, Researchers Say


Nov. 17 • Hospital Groups Want Say in ACA Lawsuit


Nov. 15 • 12 Hospitals Fined for ‘Immediate Jeopardy’ Violations in CA


Nov. 12 • Major Cuts in Provider Pay Recommended by White House Commission


~ Nov. 11 • How Providers First Did More Harm This Week


Nov. 10 • Hospital Infection Reporting Standards Inconsistent


Nov. 10 • Early Dialysis Treatment Increases Mortality Risk


Nov. 10 • St. Joseph’s to Pay $22M to Settle Federal Charges


Nov. 9 • AMA: Swift Congressional Action on SGR ‘Critical’


Nov. 8 • Federal HAI Prevention Funding Up for 2010


Nov. 5 • Physician Prescription Error Frequency Linked to Location


Nov. 5 • CMS Paid $112M for Potentially Harmful Drugs, OIG Says


~ Nov. 4 • Doctors Take Umbrage at Porsche Promo


Nov. 3 • Suspicion of Medicare Fraud Triggers Most Reimbursement Suspensions


Nov. 2 • AHRQ: 1 in 10 Hospital Admissions Avoidable


Nov. 2 • NCQA Releases Medicare, Medicaid Plan Rankings


Nov. 2 • Half of Elderly Women Unnecessarily Catheterized in the ED


Oct. 29 • 10% of CA Insured Opt for High-Deductible Health Plans


Oct. 29 • AHA: Observation Status Fears on the Rise


Oct. 29 • HHS Early Retiree Reinsurance Program Growing


~ Oct. 28 • Winners (and Losers) in the Quality Race for Cash


Oct. 28 • Medicare Cheat Used Homeless in Fraud Scheme


Oct. 28 • CMS Under the Gun to Launch Physician Compare Site


Oct. 27 • Sepsis a ‘Hidden Public Health Disaster’


Oct. 27 • Hospitalizations for Drug Use Up Dramatically


Oct. 26 • Johns Hopkins Center Focuses on Child Constipation


Oct. 22 • Joint Commission Touts Research on Reducing Handoff Failures


Oct. 21 • Stop the Blustering About High-risk Patients


~ Oct. 21 • Behind the Huge Variations in Dialysis Patient Mortality


Oct. 21 • Radiation Patients Endanger Public, Congressman Says


Oct. 20 • 5 Fraud, Abuse Laws Med Students Should Know


Oct. 20 • CA Reports Stroke Rates in Bypass Surgery Data


Oct. 20 • Severe Radiation Oncologist Shortage Forecast


Oct. 14 • CA Court Rejects Nurse Anesthetists Supervision Petition


~ Oct. 14 • Wrong Site Surgeries Still a Threat


~ Oct. 7 • A Modest Proposal: Pay More for Care Only if It’s Better


Oct. 6 • Physicians Prevail in Arkansas Conflict of Interest Case


Oct. 6 • Rural Trauma Care Can, Should Be Better


Oct. 4 • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Gets $473M


Oct. 4 • IHI Issues Guidelines for Managing Clinical Adverse Events


Oct. 4 • ACEP Calls for Halt to ED Boarding


Oct. 1 • Physician to Settle Medicare Fraud Case for $20M


Oct. 1 • CA Governor Signs Radiation Overdose Bill into Law


Oct. 1 • Federal Report Details Corruption at IHS


Oct. 1 • 12 Challenges for Public, Rural Hospitals


Sept. 30 • Medical Groups Sound Alarm on SGR ‘Crisis’


~ Sept. 30 • 4 Signs of Surgeons’ Inattention in the OR


Sept. 29 • A Call for Standardized Infection Detection Practices


Sept. 29 • HHS Awards $320 Million to Expand Primary Care


Sept. 29 • Falling TB Rates Point to Greater Danger for U.S.


Sept. 27 • Patient ‘Coaching’ Savings Tallied


Sept. 27 • CDC: Uninsured Rolls Keep Growing


Sept. 27 • DOJ Busts $3 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme


Sept. 23 • Rapid Response Teams No Substitute for Wrong Bed Assignment


Sept. 23 • CMS Failed to Report Providers’ Adverse Actions, Says OIG


Sept. 22 • Use of Diabetes Oral Meds On the Rise


Sept. 22 • The Importance of Knowing Exactly Why We Die


Sept. 22 • Virus May Cause Childhood Obesity


Sept. 21 • Unauthorized Employee Signs Off on Mammograms


Sept. 20 • Banner Health to Build Hospital in CO


Sept. 17 • Overtriage of Trauma Patients Costly, On the Rise


Sept. 17 • Long Days Make Radiologists Less Accurate


Sept. 16 • Lexapro Maker to Pay $313 Million to Settle Federal Charges


Sept. 16 • BCBS Illinois Partners With Device Maker to Fight HAIs


Sept. 15 • Hospitals Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place Over ‘Observation’


Sept. 14 • Clean Malpractice Records Don’t Correlate with Doctors’ Quality, Study Finds


Sept. 14 • HHS Gives $20 Million for Rural EHRs


Sept. 13 • CMA Sues Blue Shield Over Physician Rating System


Sept. 13 • FDA Adds Contrast Agent Label Warning


Sept. 9 • Hospital Fined $250,000 For Not Reporting Data Breach


Sept. 9 • OIG: Medicare Contractor Overpaid $39.2 Million for Diabetic’s Supplies


Sept. 8 • Healthcare Provider Vaccination Rates Overdue in CA


Sept. 8 Urgent Care Could Replace ED For Some Patients, Report Says


Sept. 8 • 5 Tips for Avoiding Diagnostic Errors


Sept. 7 • Tort Reform’s Impact on Lowering Medical Malpractice Litigation Costs May Be Limited


Sept. 3 • Botox Maker Settles Federal Marketing Charges


Sept. 3 • Medical Groups: Litigation Expenses to Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion


Sept. 3 • ACA Insurance Tax Credits May Benefit Small Businesses


Sept. 3 • Prototype Crash Cart Moves to Smithsonian


Sept. 2 • Texas Pain Clinic Law Cracks Down on Pill Mills


Sept. 2 • OIG Warns of Pre-Authorization Violations


Sept. 1 • CMS Hears Provider Concerns Over ‘Observation’ Status


Sept. 1 • Revealed: Why Health Providers Avoid Vaccines


Sept. 1 • 6 in 10 Adult Californians Obese or Overweight


Aug. 31 • Pain Treatment Tips for Physicians, Payers


Aug. 31 • Sutter Health Physician Data Available Via Mobile App


Aug. 30 • 10 Tips for Prescribing Controlled Substances


Aug. 27 • High-Risk PCI Patients Need Standby IABP Strategy


Aug. 27 • CDC: Flu Death Forecast ‘A Moving Target’


Aug. 26 • HAI Rates on the Decline


Aug. 26 • CDC: Car Crash Victims Cost $17 Billion in 2005


Aug. 25 • Surgeon Envisions Nationwide Trauma System


Aug. 25 • 25% of Californians Uninsured


Aug. 25 • Risk of Mortality Increases with Waist Size


Aug. 24 • HHS to Give $32 Million for Rural Healthcare Access


Aug. 23 • Fear of Falling Can Lead to Falls, Researchers Conclude


Aug. 23 • OIG: Feds Paid $43.3 Million for Possibly Ineffective Drugs


Aug. 20 • Palliative Care for Cancer Patients Prolongs Life, Study Finds


Aug. 20 • Insurance Industry Sues to Halt Anti-Rescission Rules in CA


Aug. 18 • FCC Proposal to Expand Rural Broadband Too Limiting


Aug. 18 • Medical Error Disclosure Program Found to Reduce Lawsuits


Aug. 18 • CMSS Joins ‘Red Flags Rule’ Lawsuit Against FTC


Aug. 17 • 99% of CA UTIs Incorrectly Coded, Study Says


Aug. 17 •  1 in 2 Catheter-Linked UTIs Avoidable, Study Says


Aug. 16 • 1 in 5 Hospitalizations Involve Diabetes Patients


Aug. 16 • NY Physician Charged in Medicaid Drug Fraud Ring


Aug. 12 • FTC Cracks Down on Fake Health Plans


Aug. 11 • Top 10 Most Costly, Frequent Medical Errors


Aug. 11 • Peptic Ulcer Hospitalizations Plummet, Says CDC


Aug. 11 • 4 Good News Stories on HAI, and a Bonus


Aug. 11 • Hospital MRSA Infection Rates Plunge 28%


Aug. 10 • ED Visits Up 23% in 10 Years


Aug. 9 • Lack of Eye Protection in Cath Lab Could Lead to Cataracts


Aug. 9 • Nursing, Geriatric Programs to Get $159 Million from HHS


Aug. 9 • GAO Finds Gaps in CMS Review of Managed Care Rates


Aug. 6 • APIC: Automated Surveilance Prevents HAIs


Aug. 6 • CMS EMR Incentive Funding Reaches $73 Million


Aug. 6 • Health Insurance Rules Aim to Restrict Rescissions in CA


Aug. 5 • Physician Citizenship Tied to Mortality Rates


Aug. 5 • Health Insurance Exchange Blasted Over Primary Care Access in Massachusetts


Aug. 4 • Filling the Demand for Mental Health Specialists


Aug. 3 • Surgeons Replace Heart Valves Less Invasively


Aug. 3 • D.C. Nurses Approve One-Day Work Stoppage


Aug. 2 • Feds Offer $51 Million for Health Insurance Exchanges


July 29 • Back Pain Care Spending Nearly Doubled in a Decade


July 28 • Doctors Need Decision Support in Ordering Imaging Diagnostics


July 27 • CMS Announces $10 Million Imaging DSS Demo


July 27 • CMS Issues Payment Rule, Quality Incentive for Dialysis Providers


July 26 • Physician Need Still Outstrips Rising Supply In California


July 26 • Health Plan Rate Filings to Be Emailed to California Enrollees


July 23 • Sullenberger Urges Hospitals to Adopt Aviation Culture of Safety


July 22 • Home Visit Programs To Receive Millions


July 21 • HRSA Hopes Committee Will Translate a Tower of Babel


July 20 • Sanford MeritCare Now Sanford Health


July 20 • Health Plan Doctor Profiles Inaccurate, Physician Groups Say


July 19 • Fewer Medicare Patients for Specialists Due to Consult Code Cuts


July 16 • Chicago Back Pain Center Aims to Avoid Surgery


July 16 • FCC Proposal Would Expand Broadband to Rural Healthcare Providers


July 15 • FDA Criticized for Unsafe Medical Device Approval Process


July 14 • Failure In Central Line Infection Prevention, Survey Says


July 14 • Hospital’s Fast Action Stops Potentially Disastrous HAI


July 13 • White House HIV/AIDs Strategy Calls on Providers for Action


July 13 • Hospital Ads Suggest Medicare Reimbursement Cuts Will Hurt Care Quality


July 7 • Protocols Needed For Palliative Care at End of Life


July 6 • CDC To Track Prevention Progress with Monthly ‘Vital Signs’


July 2 • California Cracks Down on Unlicensed Medical Providers


July 1 • U.S. Wastes Thousands of Useable, But ‘Less Than Perfect’ Transplant Kidneys Because of Poor Distribution


July 1 • 99% Of Teaching Hospitals Lack Clinical Care Conflict Of Interest Policies


June 30 • OIG: Medicare Paid $1.2 Billion For Drugs With Invalid Prescriber Numbers


June 30 • From Fantasyland to Tomorrowland: Wireless Health for Rural Vets


June 29 • Not Discussing End-Stage Disease Prolongs Futile, Costly, and Painful Care


June 28 • Electronic Medical Records Strengthen Vaccine Safety Monitoring In Seizure Study


June 29 • Doctors Balk At Vaccinating Pending Plan Reimbursement Increases


June 25 • It’s In the Bag: Bacteria Harbored In Reusable Grocery Bags May Be Causing Foodborne Illness


June 25 • Not Sure About Patients’ Copays? Ask them Where They Work


June 24 • AHA: Congress Must Expand Medicaid Share Now to Avoid State Health and Hospital Cuts


June 23 • SICU Psychosis: Prevent Delirium to Improve Prognosis and Stem Soaring Cost


June 23 • Most Neurogenic Fibrosis Cases Associated with Three MRI Gadolinium Agents


June 22 • New Proton Beam Cancer Center Could be the Nation’s Ninth


June 21 • White House Announces Another $250 Million, This Time for Public Health Infrastructure and Prevention Efforts


June 21 • One of Every Nine Workers Has A Job Because of Hospitals


June 18 • FDA Again Fines American Red Cross for Blood Safety Lapses; This Time $16 Million


June 17 • Emergency Rooms See Doubling Of Visits Related to Non-Medical Narcotic Use


June 16 • Prying Eyes Will Cost Hospitals Millions


June 16 • New MRSA Survey Seeks Updates on Trends, Tactics in Infection Control


June 16 • Hospital Sends Letters to 3,400 Patients About Possible Endoscopic Equipment Contamination


June 16 • Hospital Seeks To Terminate Five Hospital Workers For Privacy Breaches on Social Media


June 15 • Seven Largest Insurers Incorrectly Pay One in Five Claims, Says AMA


June 15 • From the Dakotas to Ireland and Oregon, Sanford Expands Clinics for Kids


June 14 • CMS Will Attempt Recovery of $1.7 Million Overpaid in Psychiatric Patient Miscoding


June 11 • Six Major Patient Record Breaches Draw $675,000 In Penalties


June 10 • Kaiser Study Shows Reduction in Fatal and Non-Fatal Heart Attacks with Preventive Care


June 10 • 7 Changes for Medical Schools to Train Doctors for Reform Era Care


June 10 • Cochlear Americas Pays $950,000 to Settle Federal Kickback Allegations


June 9 • Simple ‘Three Bucket’ Tool Helps Prevent Huge Cause of Inpatient Death


June 8 • Report Second-Guesses Health Reform Laws but Finds Good Bang for the Buck


June 7 • Twenty Percent of High School Youth Took Prescription Drugs without Doctor’s Rx


June 4 • AMA Launches Multi-Million Ad Campaign For Prompt Senate Vote to Reverse Pay Cut


June 4 • Healthcare Violence Is Increasing; Is Your Hospital Prepared?


June 3 • Hospitals Fined More than $1M For Failure to Report Adverse Events


June 2 • Virtual Colonoscopy Emerges As Turf Battle Between Radiologists, Gastroenterologists


June 2 • CLABSI: ‘A Polio Campaign for the 21st Century’


June 1 • Doctors Get Reprieve To 2011 From June 1 Red Flag Rule Enforcement


June 1 • Race Matching in Heart Transplants Does Not Improve Survival


May 28 • CDC Says 18% Drop in Central Line Infections Is Just the Beginning


May 28 • Emergency Docs Say BlueCross BlueShield Is Wrong About Unnecessary ED Visits


May 27 • Revolving Door Of Readmissions and ED Visits More Extensive and Expensive


May 26 • Quickie Quiz: What’s Your Adverse Events Intelligence?


May 26 • City of Hope Rift with Physicians Threatens Both—and Scares Patients


May 25 • AMA Says Health Plans Should Enforce Rules in New 10-Point ‘Code of Conduct’


May 21 • Nine More Hospitals Fined $550,000 for Putting Patients at Risk


May 21 • Lawsuit: Red Flags Rule Violates Doctor/Patient Relationship


May 20 • ACEP Critical of CDC Report on ED Use


May 20• North Shore-Long Island Jewish Teams Up With Lenox Hill


May 19 • A Mammogram As A Metaphor For Patient-Centered Care


May 19 • Academic Hospitals Team Up to Stop Catheter-Related Infections


May 18 • CA Report Says Half of Medicare and Medicaid Bills Pay for Care to Readmitted Patients


May 18 • Moody’s Predicts More Bad News For Nonprofit Hospitals


May 14 • Falls Could Signal Serious Health Issues That Providers Often Miss


May 14 • Federal Law Proposed To Regulate Health Plan Premium Hikes


May 13 • New Frailty Test Could Improve Surgical Outcomes, Reduce Cost Discrepancies


May 13 • Healthcare Costs Up 7.8% for PPO Plans; Miami, New York City Most Expensive


May 12 • How the Dakotas Keep Their Doctors: Sanford Merit Says: ‘We Grow Our Own’


May 11 • Increasing U.S. Medical School Spots Won’t Increase Physician Supply


May 11 • Eleventh VRSA Case in U.S. Diagnosed; CDC Urges Diligence


May 7 •HCA Files Common Stock Public Offering Registration Statement


May 5 • E-Pharmacy Catches Drug Mistakes for Rural Hospitals in Five States


May 4 • California Has Fewer Acute Care Beds Per Population Than Other Big States


May 3 • Natural Orifice Trials Begin, A Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Hospitals


April 30 • WellPoint Anthem Retreats From Its 39% Premium Hike Demand After Audit Reveals Bad Math


April 30 • Catholic Healthcare West To Provide Medical Directors for CVS Clinics in Phoenix


April 28 • Diagnostic Imaging Uses 57% of the Cost of Cancer Care


April 28 • Medicare Tries to Reduce Fraud and Waste, But Causes Backlog in Payments


April 28 • Will We Ever Start Calling Nurse “Doctor”?


April 27 • To Reduce Spending, American College of Physicians Will Advise Doctors What’s Too Costly, Useless


April 26 • If the U.S. Lacks Doctors, Can Nurses, Optometrists, and Pharmacists Take Their Place?


April 23 • CBO: U.S. Should Collect $4 Billion A Year in Penalties from Those Who Don’t Buy Health Coverage


April 22 • Advocacy Group Says One-Third of Cesareans Are Unnecessary


April 22 • Hospital Mortality Is Not the Way to Judge Quality


April 21 • Southwest Healthcare: How Could So Much Be So Wrong?


April 21 • iPad, Cartoon Bear Seek to Ease Kids’ Fears of Medicine


April 20 • Physicians Claim Doc Rating System is Misleading Patients


April 20 • Better Nurse-Patient Ratios Could Save Thousands of Lives Annually, Says Study


April 19 • Should Doctors Explain Their Board Certification to Patients?


April 16 • Technology Fears, Privacy Breaches Remain Barriers for EHR Use


April 16 • Congress Holds Off Doc Pay Cut Through May 31


April 15 • Fewer Preventable Events Equal Lower Medical Malpractice Claims, Says RAND


April 15 • Senate Close to Spiking Doc Pay Cut


April 14 • 7 Hospitals Fined for Immediate Jeopardy Mistakes


April 14 • Wide Gaps Remain in Quality of Care, Says AHRQ


April 14 • Why Aren’t Hospitals More Concerned About Blood Safety?


April 13 • Jury Finds Against 16 Labor Bosses in Health Worker Case


April 12 • National Effort Scrutinizes Costly Blood Transfusion Complications


April 9 • More Costly Spine Surgery Has Higher Mortality Than Simpler Procedure, Says Study


April 8 • Will Retail Clinics Be a Key Player in Post-Health Reform World?


April 7 • Community Hospital War Pits University Against the Rest of Region’s Healthcare System


April 7 • Recent Earthquakes Renew Interest in Hospitals’ Seismic Stability


April 6 • CA Hospital Near Earthquake Epicenter Suffers Minimal Damage


April 6 • California Docs Must Now Tell Patients Where to Complain About Their Care


April 5 • 10 Issues New CMS Administrator Will Face


April 5 • Many Health Professionals Buying iPad, But its Effect on Healthcare Still in Question


April 2 • Hospital War Centers Around Achieving Better Payer Mix


April 2 • CMS Needs To Improve Improper Payment Recovery, Says GAO


April 1 • State Looks to Protect Volunteer Docs from Malpractice Suits


March 31 • Health Reform Covers More Children, But Who Will Care for Them?


March 31 • What a TV Show Can Teach Us About Readmissions


March 30 • 27 Senators Tell CMS to Relax, Postpone Meaningful Use Rules


March 29 • Will Obama Name Don Berwick to Lead CMS?


March 26 • Hospital Deals are Part of Growing Consolidation Trend, Say Analysts


March 25 • Emergency Rooms and Docs Brace Themselves For Newly Insured


March 25 • Health Reform Does Not Control Premiums, States Look to Fill Void


March 24 • Is Health Reform A Disaster Or Opportunity for Hospitals?


March 24 • Don’t Take Critical Access Hospitals for Granted


March 22 • 11 Health Leaders React to House Passing Health Reform


March 23 • Some Hospitals Turn Profit by Shifting Medicare Losses to Commercial Payers, Says Study


March 18 • State Suspends Medicare Advantage Salesman for Fraudulent Tactics


March 19 • Cardiology Group Fights Medicare Pay Cuts by Offering Concierge Services


March 17 • Retire And Go Fishing? Not For This Rural Florida Keys Doctor


March 5 • $4 Billion in Fraudulent Medicare Charges Found in 2009


March 5 • Court Rules State Can Use Doc Licensing Fees to Help Bridge Budget Gap


March 4 • HRQ: Hospital Patients Less Likely To Get Necessary Care on Weekends


March 4 • Harmful Event Detection Misses Problems, Results in Medicare Overpayments, Says OIG


March 3 • Nonprofit Providers’ Financial Status Improving, Says S&P


March 3 • Four Rival Texas Hospitals Bond For Meaningful Use And To Improve Care


March 1 • HIMSS Survey: Meaningful Use is Driver of Health IT Spending


March 1 • Trained Interpreters Improve Patient and Provider Satisfaction, Says Study


Feb. 26 • California AG Investigating Health Plans on Rate Increases


Feb. 26 • RAND: Obama Reform Plan Would Insure 30 Million, Cost Less than Congress Plans


Feb. 26 • Eight Health Leaders Respond to Obama’s Healthcare Summit


Feb. 25 • Hospitals Renew Battle to Hire Doctors in California


Feb. 24 • Hospital Leaders Give Strategies to Remove ED Bottlenecks


Feb. 23 • Five Health Leaders Respond to Obama Proposal


Feb. 10 • Nurse Anesthetists Battle Overlooks Rural Doctor Shortage


Feb. 8 • Nurse Anesthetists Say They Practice Safely Without Physician Supervision


Feb. 5 • Do Sleepy Medical Residents Jeopardize Patient Care?


Feb. 4 • Many Small Practice Physicians Putting off Meaningful Use Guidelines


Feb. 3 A Captive Audience—and Providers—Benefit from Telemedicine


Feb. 3 • Doctors Sue To Stop Nurse Anesthetists From Administering Anesthesia


Feb. 2 • Hospitals Treating Haitian Earthquake Survivors Will Receive Higher Payments Than Medicare


Feb. 2 • Obama’s Proposed Budget is a Mixed Bag for Rural Health


Feb. 1 • Surgeons Still Forgetting To Remove Objects from Patients


Jan. 29 • Doctors Speak Out About Red Flags Rule


Jan. 29 • Will the iPad Revolutionize Healthcare?


Jan. 28 • 13 Health Leaders Respond to Obama’s State of the Union Address


Jan. 28 • California Hospitals Fined for Alleged Immediate Jeopardy Mistakes


Jan. 27 • Americans Don’t Trust Feds to Protect Patient Health Record Database


Jan. 27 • Critical Access Hospitals Could Benefit from Drug Discounts


Jan. 26 • Health Reform Would Spend $5B to Create High-Risk Pools for Uninsurable


Jan. 25 • Does Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios Improve Care?


Jan. 22 • AMA, Other Groups Push to Kill Proposed Physician Pay Cut


Jan. 21 • 10 Health Reform Provisions That Affect Women


Jan. 21 • Senate Bill Takes Aim at Small Employer Insurance Groups


Jan. 20 • Can Art—And Artie Shaw—Reduce Health Costs and Improve Patient Satisfaction?


Jan. 19 • Senate Bill Would Save Safety Net Hospitals Billions in Inpatient Pharmacy Costs


Jan. 15 • Healthcare Community Rushes to Aid Haiti Earthquake Victims


Jan. 15 • Fraud Prevention Program Axed in Health Reform Plan


Jan. 14 • Reform Provision Would Require Providers to Buy Testing Equipment for Obese Patients


Jan. 14 • Rural Minnesota Hospital Survives Fight With Feds


Jan. 13 • Physician Groups:Proposed Health Plan Tax Would Hamper Care Coordination, Raise Premiums


Jan. 12 • Few Doctors Account for Bulk of Workers’ Comp Expenses, Says Study


Jan. 11 • House Reform Bill Would Decrease Uninsured by 24 Million: RAND Study


Jan. 8 • FDA Issues Four Wound Care Precautions


Jan. 8 • Five Strategies That Prove Healthcare is  Still a Growth Industry


Jan. 8 • States Not Reporting Adverse Events May Harm Patient Safety, Says Inspector General


Jan. 8 • Healthcare Created 267,000 New Jobs in 2009